Welcome to my great escape. My name is Traneah and I have created NaeIsMe in order to express my love for writing. Writing has always been my passion, but I'll admit I've never been pumped to actually share it with people due to fear. We truly can be our own worst critics and I am proof of that! Despite my reservations, in 2018 I decided to step up to the plate and begin my blog. I've put a lot of hard work, time, and energy into building this into something I can be proud of and that others can enjoy reading. This blog is me and everything that comes with being me. No frills, no falsities, and no fluff! Through reading my blog I hope that you can walk away from every post feeling inspired and understood. The end goal is that every post you read of mine will make you feel as if you're chilling on a Friday night talking to a dear friend. Some highlighted topics will be beauty, hair, and style-related, but honestly, any and every topic is up for discussion on my blog. 


So, PLEASE, fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride ahead!


I'm always up for collaborations! Contact me through naeisme.com@gmail.com!

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