10 Songs To Lift Your Spirits

Music is one of the most influential forms of media. It has the ability to completely change your mood whether that be in a good or bad way. Let's face it, we've all turned on our "sad love songs" playlist a time or two to make us even sadder after a rough breakup. However, after you're done sulking and you're looking for some music to bring you out of that weird funk, give these songs a try!

Inspirational playlist:

Love Yourself by Xxxtentacion 

  • The song has few words. It’s to the point. Forget these men, love yourself. 

Lost Souls by H.E.R.

  • Reminding women to see the powers they have. You’re better than the things you put yourself through. Talks about unhealthy relationships, men, friendships. Never compromise yourself and your self-worth. 

Pretty Little Fears by 6lack Feat J.Cole

  • The music video especially is inspirational. The girls they used were very regular black women and had a confident beauty. They showed the natural diversity of a black woman. The song particularly J Cole’s verse reminds me that a soulmate is here for us all. (If he doesn’t love me like the lyrics in j cole’s verse then he’s not the one) 

Girls Need Love by Summer Walker 

  • It’s a women empowerment song. Women are strong fierce beings. We can be just as assertive as any man out there. 

2009 by Mac Miller

  • Bettering yourself. Reflecting on where you came from to where you’re going. 

Wings by Mac Miller 

  • Just take life as it comes and appreciate it for what it is. Don’t get overly stressed about things out of your control. See the beauty in life.

Gang Over Love by Brent Faiyaz

  • It reminds you to never forget where you came from. But always keep in mind where you’re at now and where you’re headed. 

Aim High by Childish Major

  • Always aim higher and be better. Don’t become complacent in being average. Continuously rise and grind.

8teen by Khalid 

  • Just enjoy youth. Everything will work itself out. Focus on the now. 

Exhale (shoop shoop) by Whitney Houston 

  • I'm taking it back old school for this last song. This is a classic dust yourself off and keep on going tune. "You’ll find your point when you will exhale... say shoop be (shoop shoop shoop be doop) 

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