21 Things Year 21 Has Taught Me

As I exit the coveted age of 21, onto the more mature age of 22, I've found myself in a state of reflection. During my time as a 21-year-old, I was in a strange state of being. Maybe, it's just me, but I felt like everything was just supposed to magically make sense and fall into place. I thought YES, official adulthood (I was wrong)! Being 21, however, has taught me a slew of things I didn't expect to learn from various people and experiences.

So, you may not care and none of this may apply to you, but I wanted to give out a few quick things that year 21 has taught me. Maybe this can give guidance to those of you looking forward to turning 21. Possibly it can just be relatable for those of you who are my age and it can remind you that you're not alone. Also, I wanted to keep it to bullet points because otherwise, we could be here for literally another 21 years reading this.

Alright, time to get down to why you came here, 21 things year 21 has taught me.

  1. I hate journaling. I know, I have a blog... about myself. Yes, this can be considered journaling, but I'm referring to the keeping of a physical journal that I write in every day. I kept seeing self-help people saying, oh journal your feelings. So, I bought a journal, to journal my feelings. I've written maybe 2 entries. I just can't do it. Well, not can't, but I won't do it. It really sounds great in theory, so I'm bummed it didn't work out for me. However, instead, I've made a better bet with myself. Instead of forcing myself to dear diary myself to death, I've decided to challenge myself to write something every day. It can literally be anything from a poem, short story, blog post, writing prompt, or some work from my freelance job.

  2. Building a skincare regimen is easy. Following through with said skincare regimen every day? Hard. I applaud any of you that can do this, but for as me and mine, I'll get to it when I can.

  3. I would rather enjoy my own company, as opposed to staying in the company of people that drain my energy.

  4. People that I find drain my energy, should not be people that I call my friends, family, etc. Relieving myself of these relationships has done wonders for me.

  5. Having a family actually isn't in my top goals. I grew up in a very disjointed family environment and I always thought that I wanted a large family of my own to make up for that. Then, I was in a relationship for most of my college years that made me think I really wanted that; like that was one of my top three goals in life. After thorough consideration, I've realized that it is barely in my top 5. I'm not saying I don't want that someday because that's not the case, but I am not aspiring after that.

  6. I hate tequila.

  7. I worry too much. I used to have such an "it is what it is" attitude. I miss that.

  8. I want to build something of my own. I always thought after graduation that I wanted a job working for someone else's company (don't get it twisted I'm still looking for a job with benefits for the time being). The more I've thought about things, I want to dabble into having as many streams of income as I can. Why limit myself to solely working for someone else? I have so many interests and I would like to explore them all. If I can make money while doing it, why not?

  9. I hate road trips. The entire time I'm wishing I was at my destination.

  10. Just because they aren't for me doesn't mean they aren't a good person.

  11. When people show you who they are the first time, they are probably that person. People make mistakes but I'm not obligated to give them a pat on the back and say "it's okay, try again".

  12. If doing what's best for me makes me a villain in someone else's story, it's okay. However, do it with respect. Karma is real.

  13. Telling my parents they're wrong isn't disrespectful. They might not like it initially, but over time they have respected me more for it.

  14. My favorite color is not pale pink. It is lavender.

  15. I'm actually not half bad at cooking -- I'm just lazy.

  16. Heels are cute, but heels hurt. I actually hate heels, therefore, I will always pack a pair of flats.

  17. God has my best interest in mind. If he blocks something, it's always for a good reason.

  18. Prayer is powerful.

  19. If a man questions my weight, I'm not going to sulk. I'm going to tell them exactly where they can go (If you catch my drift).

  20. I don't like avocados no matter how many times I try them. Y'all are not about to convince me that those green things of mush have flavor. I can never be one of those avocado toast girls and that's okay.

  21. I don't have everything figured out and I don't have all the answers. I'm still learning myself. Although I put a big weight on being 21, my life didn't automatically fall in line. And the truth is, that's to be expected.

I learned more than just these 21 things, but this has been year 21 in a nutshell. Moving on to year 22, I feel much more optimistic about what the year holds. If 21 could teach me all of this, who knows what 22 has for me.

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