5 Things You CAN Do During Quarantine

Who would've thought that just as the spring buds begin to appear that instead of soaking up the sun on a brunch patio, filling our souls to the brim full of tempting mimosas, we would be confined to our homes only allowed to leave for essential purposes? Unfortunately, in only a few months, COVID-19 has quickly swept across not only the nation but the world. This fatal virus has taken the lives of thousands and changed everyday life as we know it to be. Although the Tweets and memes have provided much of my generation with much comedic relief, it's important to remember the severity of this pandemic and to take the proper precautions during this time. The fact is that just because we are less susceptible does not mean to ignore social distancing guidelines and throw "social-distancing parties" as I've heard them being called. I mean honestly, who is trying to stay inside until June? Not I!

The fact is that we healthy young adults may be able to win in a boxing match with Rona, but our elderly and immune-compromised neighbors, families, and friends can not do so as easily. In order to put an end to the rapid spread of this stubborn virus, I've come up with at least five things we can all do to help pass the time!

1. Do Some Home Improvement

One of my favorite things to do during this time has been to take on a few home improvement tasks around the house. Since I had to abruptly pick up and move home from my college dorm room, I didn't have much time to prepare my room before I brought everything home. The majority of my stuff has not all been back at my mom's house for nearly four years, but being a senior I will not be returning, therefore, I can't just dump my stuff into a storage facility in my college town. My dorm room was a mini apartment for me, I had my entire life in there. Well most of it, considering I still had a hand full of things left in my room at my mom's house (yes, I am definitely guilty of having a bit too much stuff and nowhere to put it). My biggest task has been re-doing my room at my mom's house and finding better storage solutions. Some things I've done already have been converting my closet into a double rodded closet and building smaller organizational cubbies. Next on the list is redecorating!

2. Catch Up On Work

I think that now of all times is best to catch up on any work you may have been procrastinating on. For example, I have put off my blog and my YouTube channel for months now and I have now been diligently at work creating some fresh content.

3. Find A Hobby

I think we've all been to that point where we just lay in bed refreshing our social media, hopping from one to another as if anything has actually changed from five minutes before. Whether it be binge-watching a few shows, reading a book, painting, playing a game, knitting, or maybe even crocheting -- finding a hobby to do will help out when you're tired of laying in bed staring at your phone. I've personally decided to start working through my bookshelf, but first, I'm returning to an old favorite of mine, Paradise by Toni Morrison.

4. COOK!

When all else fails, feed your face. I know I should be inserting some home workout routine, but let's be honest, when you're bored the best thing to do is to pretend that you're on chopped make some Food Network magic in your kitchen. I have been creating a new dish stashed on my Pinterest almost every day. From desserts to brunch, and dinner, I've done it all. One of my favorite guilty pleasures so far has been to make ooey gooey butter cookies which pay homage to my favorite St. Louis treat, ooey gooey butter cake.

5. Get Dressed Up, Snap Some Pictures

With not being able to go anywhere it's easy to get in a rut about looking like "I woke up like this" all day long. Sometimes the best thing may be to just get dolled up even if its to sit and watch a movie in the living room. Have a boo? Facetime them and have a little date. Have some friends? Facetime them and have some girl time. No matter what you choose to do, dressing up to do it can help. Oh, and of course, don't forget to take some cute pictures to remember the occasion and show the gram you're a quarantine babe.

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