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Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Okay I'm sure everyone can relate to this one! Getting up and getting your day started can prove to be a complete struggle. Often times I'm sure you find yourself struggling to make it out of bed in a decent time every morning. In fact it probably seems that this is especially the case when you actually have things to get done.

With me being a college student, this means long nights and usually early mornings. A lot of times I end up regretting those long nights when it's time for those 8 am classes. And as much as we want to just keep hitting snooze on those alarms and saying "forget class today", those missed classes will surely begin to catch up with you... TRUST ME.

Down below I've listed a few things that help me get up and get my days started with the most ease. So, if you find yourself held captive by your comfy mattresses and plush comforters each morning, keep on scrolling and jot down some tips.


This tip only applies if you actually have some reason you need to be up and at-em by a certain time. Try to set your alarms for an hour and a half before you actually need to be up for class, work, meetings etc. This will allow you optimal time to fully wake up and ease into your morning opposed to waiting last minute. If you wait the last minute, then by the time you're done rushing to get yourself together, you're then usually even more exhausted than when you initially woke up. Give yourself the time to relax. Trust me, it really does make a difference.

Check Your Phone

You're probably thinking really Traneah? You're promoting social media? Well yes I am. We are in the age of technology my friend. For us to look at our phones and notifications when we first get up is only instinct. And it actually isn't a bad way of waking yourself up. If you give yourself 10 minutes every morning to just go through all of your social media accounts, emails, and missed text messages; you'll find that you've waken your brain up without even trying. However, yes I realize we find ourselves getting carried away for hours once we're on our phones, so be mindful to put a limit on how much time you spend on it. The 10 minute limit works great for me. Find a time limit and stick to it!

Hygienic Needs

If you're a shower in the morning type of person then this is key in efficiently getting your day started. Even if you're not, you might want to switch over to it. Getting into a hot and refreshing shower in the morning is great for waking up all your senses for a drowsy morning. If you'd still rather continue to shower at night (I'm this person) I have an alternative for you. By simply just giving your face a wash and going through whatever your morning skincare routine may be (even if this means just splashing some water on your face), this is still a great way to get yourself up and moving away from the comfort of your bed.


As you can probably tell, this is my go to method of getting my days going. I love coffee and in my dorm room I happen to have my trusty Keurig. Even if you are without a coffee maker, there are instant coffee alternatives, but I just really love the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. I will admit that the caffeine from the coffee alone isn't exactly what wakes me up, but it's something about that warm smell that fills my nostrils while it's being brewed up. Man, I just really love coffee! Although, I realize that realistically not everyone enjoys a nice cup of Joe like me, so don't worry I have alternatives! For all of my none coffee drinkers out there, maybe you'd prefer some warm tea or perhaps you like it cold to help wake up your insides. Or for my health phonetics, if neither of those float your boat, try a nice cold glass of water. I've personally tried all three and they all work wonders. But just to let you in on a little secret, coffee is my favorite!

Quotes of Affirmation

This might sound corny to some, but this really works for me. On those days that I'm just not feeling it whatsoever and I need a mental pick me up I love to just take to google and lift my spirits. I type in quotes of affirmation and then follow up by whatever has got me down. So for example, type into the search bar, "quotes of affirmation about life", then I just scroll and click on a site filled with tons of quotes to possibly get me going mentally. The site I click on is usually BrainyQuote, but there are several more out there. Another alternative if you're religious or spiritual at all is to just pray. I find that starting off my day with a nice prayer always sets the tone off right for my days. I've also recently been looking into daily devotionals and I find that now my mornings just aren't complete without them. A favorite of mine has been "Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace In His Presence" by Sarah Young (The blue leather one with gold lettering." Often our physical reflects our mental. Therefore, if you're mentally drained and drowsy, your physical will follow along.

Stay Away From the Bed!!!!!!!!!

This is my top top top, most important advice I could give. If you fail this tip, then you might as well throw the rest of my tips in the trash. Please, please, pleaseeee stay away from your bed once you've gotten out of it to start your day. If your goal is to get your day up and going and stay active then I repeat DO NOT GET BACK INTO YOUR BED. By doing this, all your hard work to get up and moving will basically erase in an instant. This isn't the case for everyone, but for a lot of people by crawling back into the safety of your bed, it is typically a trap. Beware of the trap!

I'm aware these tips and tricks won't work for everyone, but hopefully they can get you started into discovering your own. Below please feel free to let me know if any of these worked out for you or maybe you already do these things. If not, let me know what works for you!

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