How-to: An AFFORDABLE Work From Home Space

Due to the pandemic, many jobs have been moved to home-based work experiences. For people such as myself, this could be a dream come true, however, for others, it could deem to be a tough adjustment. One thing that I find helpful is having a creative yet productive area to work from, but many of us don't have that space already set up ready to use. Through this how-to, I'll walk you through how I went about setting up my own WFH space and my favorite places for affordable decor.

Being a recent college graduate during this pandemic has proved to be quite the difficult task. It's a great accomplishment of course, but finding work right now has been troublesome. Luckily, by the grace of God, I was blessed with a WFH position with a notable company. Now that I've gotten the position, however, I realized I didn't have any productive space to actually work from. For some, this might not be such a big deal. Maybe working from the bed will suffice. Although, for me, I've had enough WFH experience to know that I need an office space of my own. Summer 2019 I was blessed with an internship at a local publication and was allowed to work from home quite frequently. Working from my bed was beyond unproductive. I wound up working from the dining table, but even that was an issue since I don't live alone. So, I knew with this job I'd need to build myself a workable space. It can seem a daunting task at first, but for someone that loves home improvement shows and stays locked in on renovation TikTok (myself), this was a fun little adventure. It's pretty simple and self-explanatory but here are a few tips!

1. Find Inspiration

You can find inspiration from practically anywhere. I built a Pinterest inspiration board, saved Instagram pictures, and watched many YouTube videos. I already had an idea of what I wanted to create. Fresh, homey, and contemporary were the goals for my space. I knew I wanted a lot of woods, black, white, and some greenery. Once I knew what look I was going for I began looking for pieces to fit my vision!

2. Shop Around

Picking the first thing you find is easy, but will you be happy with it in the long run? I spent weeks looking around for the perfect desk and chair. Since these are the big furniture items, I wanted to make sure I was finding good quality items at an affordable price. I also wanted to make sure these were going to be pieces that I would want around for a while if I was going to be spending good money on them.

Originally I wanted a white desk and black tufted chair. Y'all, when I tell you all the white desks on every website were sold out! I was so baffled as to why and how. Also, nobody ever told me chairs were so dang expensive! I originally started out looking in stores and when that failed I went online. I had zero luck. Finally, one random night, I said I was tired of looking and was going to buy the best thing I could find online that very night. God was looking out okay! I had been on Target's website several times and not once did I see this desk, but I found this stained wood desk with funky white drawers and I had to snag it. It was not what I was intentionally looking for but it was actually perfect. For as the chair, I found it online at Walmart. These were both on sale as well! The desk was reduced to $120 and the chair was reduced to $80. So, when I say time and patience pays off, I really mean it! PLEASE shop around! (These items may have increased in price now)

3. Don't Spend An Arm and A Leg On Decor Items

I think decor for your office space is important to bring it all together and create the perfect environment. However, I think spending too much on them isn't wise. Chances are you will want to eventually redecorate the space or swap out pieces so, why not keep the prices low? For my decor items, I got several from Ross, Five Below, Dollar Tree, and Hobby Lobby.

- Hobby Lobby recently had a huge sale on many of their decor items so I couldn't walk out without the coffee sign.

- Ross can be messy at times but if you find the right one they have some gems. One thing some people may not pay attention to is they have some of the same great items as Homegoods or TJ Maxx but for a cheaper price.

- Dollar Tree is great for DIY projects -- I found my plant and vase there.

- Five Below is is just great since everything is literally $5 and lower.

I didn't spend over $10 or any of my decor items because like I said, why spend so much on something you may replace?

Also, another favorite thing of mine to do is to reuse or recycle old pieces of decor you may already own. I reused the Marilyn picture and the calendar/notes wall stickers.

4. Find The Best Spot In Your Home

I recommend mapping out the area you plan to place your office prior to buying your big items such as your desk and chair. This way you can look at the measurements and make sure you have space. Also, determining whether you want a well-lit area or not is good to note. I chose to place my desk by a window to get some natural light coming in. I think the natural light helps me keep track of the day and not feel so clouded as I'll be working for up to 8 hours. If you find dimmer light works best for you, adjust accordingly. Also, choose a peaceful and quiet spot if you can.

Overall, for me, I wanted to create a creative workspace that was visually appealing, cozy, and clean. Maybe your style differs from mine and that's okay! You can apply these tips to your personal style and create your ideal WFH space!

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