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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

So as you can see from the title, I went on a little weekend trip to Kansas City, Missouri. It just so happens that I luckily have an amazing best friend that goes to UMKC and didn’t mind showing me around the city. It’s safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time and I can’t wait to go back and do all of the things I didn’t make it to on this trip. There’s honestly so many things to do there in the city and it’s full of life! It’s about 3 and a half hours from Saint Louis so I’ll definitely be making more trips there when I have some time on my hands. For this post I thought it would be cool to just kind of lay out a travel diary of all the things I did, places I explored, places I ate at etc. What places have you guys visited? How did the trip go?

Day One (8/9/18)

For the first day I was pretty tired from having to get up early and pack, plus the drive down. The plan was just to order some pizza and chill at my friend’s apartment. We ordered from Papa Keno’s Pizzeria and the specific pizza we ordered is named the “Mama Keno”. It was amazing to say the least. She also ended up taking me to one of her favorite grocery stores there (Constentino’s Market) to pick up some snacks. Not much else happened this night. Just chilled. So onward to more fun days.

Day Two (8/10/18)

For day two we decided to get up and head to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. The best part about my friend’s apartment is that it’s in the center of a lot of things in the city and one area happens to be the Kansas City Arts District, so we were actually able to walk there. we viewed the outside sculpture park and walked around a bit, then we headed inside. Honestly this is one of my new favorite art museums. My favorite section was the contemporary art section of the building. I made sure to get pictures of a couple of my favorite pieces (I’ve posted pictures of some above).

After the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art we went on a trek a bit further up the road and up a hill to the Kemper Art Museum. It had just a few sections and art pieces. It was on a much more low-key scale on the spectrum of art museums. I did enjoy some of the pieces a lot , however my head was in the clouds. Unfortunately I didn’t snap any pictures of the inside of the museum. I know guys, I’m terrible.

On our journey to dinner we headed to the Power and Lights District of Kansas City and we ended up passing the Hotel President, formerly known as the President’s Hotel. It’s actually known for a pretty big and bizarre unsolved murder (look up the murder of Roland T. Owen if you’re interested). For dinner we ate at BRGR, a pretty good burger restaurant. If you ever go though, be sure to try the truffles fries, you won’t regret it.

Day Three (8/11/18)

Okay so day three was jam packed. We had a lot we wanted to cover so I’ve posted a ton of pictures above.

First on the list was waking up and heading to Messenger Coffee for brunch. I ordered the biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs and a blueberry lemon pastry. I also ordered a iced horchata, but me and the amount of cinnamon they added did not get along at all. I gladly handed that over to my pal. The rest of the food was great though. I would 10/10 recommend. I think my favorite part was the scenery and atmosphere. They had an open section showing them making the bread and a section showing them grinding up the coffee beans. If you’re one for aesthetics then this place is a must see.

After brunch we sped over to the open market over in the river market. It’s open every Saturday and has tons of homegrown fresh food vendors, craftsmen trinkets, and flowers galore. I picked up that sunflower and my mini Buddhas in a cute little flower shop we wandered into.

Next stop on the list was hunting down one of the infamous murals in the city. A little fun fact is that Kansas City has murals EVERYWHERE. Usually on the side of random businesses or in odd spots. We stopped at the blue lettered Kansas City one that I’d kept seeing everywhere on the internet and then on our way to a pottery shop found the colorful KC one and stopped for some quick flicks.

My friend really wanted me to experience this cute little coffee shop named Monarch, so that was next on the list. WARNING. It’s a very cute atmosphere, but if you aren’t one for strong coffee, then this isn’t the place for you! My drink was the equivalent of taking several shots of brown liquor just as a little comparison for you guys. I’m kind of a coffee connoisseur and I’d like to say I can handle strong… this was a different breed of strong. Still a cool stop though!

For dinner this night we ate at The Mixx which was more of a soup, salad, and sandwich type of place. They just so happened to have street tacos however, and anyone who knows me should know that I’m a sucker for tacos. For desert we went to The Plaza, which is kind of a large outdoor mall with beautiful scenery. For desert we went to The Waffle bar and I got the waffle donut with blue moon ice cream (fruit loop ice cream) and cotton candy crumbles. You probably think I’m crazy and went into a sugar coma, but surprisingly it wasn’t too sweet at all. I felt my inner child arise as I ate it!

The last stop for the night was a haunted ghost tour. My friend has a co worker who actually gives paranormal ghost tours throughout the city in different haunted locations. We explored the Alexander Majors House. This experience is not for the faint at heart. They actually pulled out the whole shabang. The paranormal instruments and all. If you’re interested in that type of thing it really is a great experience.

Day Four (8/12/18)

Sunday was my final day in the city. We decided to grab brunch at the Chez Elle Creperie and Coffeehouse before I hit the road to head home. It had a cute little Paris feel to the place. This restaurant was located in The West Bottoms which is a little antique type section in the city. I ordered the lobster bisque and it was easily the best lobster bisque I’ve ever eaten.

I hope you all enjoyed going on my journey with me throughout Kansas City as you read my travel diary. Hopefully it helped you guys out with some possible ideas of what to do if you ever visit the city! I have more photos and video footage of my trip on my Instagram page, as well as a full photo album section on my Facebook page. Be sure to go check those out!

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