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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

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Imagine doing the same thing and having had the same expectations of you for 16 years. Living your life day-by-day trying to ultimately reach one goal and after 16 years you've finally reach it. You can taste it and feel it in your reach and it's nearly close enough for you to grasp. The sweet success is an obvious win, but when the dust settles and you think about the change to come how does that feel? Will you begin to question yourself and whether you have what it takes to push forward and break through the routine you've grown accustomed to? Are you ready and willing to step up to the plate and do great things with your newfound freedom?

It seems as if in the past few months I have been a nonstop machine of preparation. Being a senior a college now means that graduation is right around the corner and for the past 16 years all I've ever known is to go to school, and make good grades. Just waiting and gearing up for the big day of my undergrad college graduation. As excited as I am to proudly walk across the stage come May 2020, I would be lying if I said i'm not afraid. I keep asking myself if i'll be able to adjust and take control of my life. The answer I've been coming up with, however, is I just don't know. Hell, a lot of people my age and graduating don't know. Scared out of our minds to be bound to a room in our parent's houses until we're 30. To have earned a degree only to not use it. To wind up unsuccessful and in our own thoughts, a failure.

I 'm sure it seems I'm rambling and coming to no happy ending, but after spending hours, days, and weeks of my summer obsessing over what the next year will bring I've come to the consensus that I just have to breathe. I'm a person that likes change, but I can't deny that it scares me and I often have to put a brave face on for it. I've had the epiphany today that things may not be set in stone right now and I may not know where I'm headed in the next year and beyond, but that's okay. Nothing in life is ever certain and as much as I may want to plan everything out to a T, life never sticks to one path. So, with a brave face, pumping heart, and ever so free spirit I will just breathe and enjoy my last year of undergrad. After all, it's only something you get to experience once.

To all my young adults entering new journeys in your lives, just breathe and enjoy all of the moments coming your way for what they are. To be young and carefree is a gift -- enjoy it! Oh and of course before I sign off, details on the outfit are below.

Shirt: Forever21 // Jeans: Target // Shoes: Akira

All pictures were taken by Photographer/videographer Travon Mitchell!

IG: mitchell.travon

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