Must Have Swimwear 2k19

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

It's finally starting to warm up and you already know what that means. Sun's out... you know the rest. Interested to know my top picks for this season's swimwear? Keep on reading!

Poppin' One Piece

I feel like one piece swimsuits have always gotten a bad rep in my book. I remember when I was younger one piece swimsuits were not cute. I wanted whatever swimsuit would show the MOST skin. Now, one pieces have become a way to show off a little while also remaining a little classy. In fact, they have become quite playful, fun, and flirty options. This red, high thigh cut one piece suit I'm shown in is from Forever 21. The low cut in the front and back add just the right amount of spice. The tie around the waist and fire engine red color just completes the look for a fun day in the sun... or if you're like me, the sand! (Swimsuit is in a large)

Cue the Colors

One of my favorite trends of this season are vibrant colors! Neons are a huge statement for the spring and I'm sure they'll trail into the summer. If neon colors aren't your thing though, any vibrant color in general will do the trick. Find a color that best compliments your skin tone and rock it. The key though is that it makes YOUR skin tone pop. Don't just go buying any bright colored suit you find and think you're doing something. If it's going to wash you out, hang it up, try again! This lavender swimsuit is a medium from Zaful! I was skeptical because this was my first time ordering from there, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Playful Patterns

Patterns, patterns, patterns! This is one of the main things I am living for this season! From snake print, to cheetah, to leopard -- no matter the print, I am here for the wave! Let your inner animal out. This leopard swimsuit is from Zaful in a medium. I don't know about y'all, but it is giving me major Flintstones/prehistoric vibes.

Calling All Cover Ups

Everyone knows you could have the cutest swimsuit, but sometimes cover ups matter! Do not just go throwing on any old t-shirt you find laying around. Whatever you put on top of your swimsuit has the potential to add to, or kill the vibe EASILY. For my lavender swimsuit I found this mesh, lavender, long sleeve at Forever 21 (they have other shades as well). I ended up pairing it with some medium washed, distressed, high-waisted shorts. For the leopard swimsuit I added this fishnet top and some black linen shorts, also from Forever 21. Pick a vibe and add onto it with your cover ups if you plan on doing a lot of scenery changes while still in your swimsuits.

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