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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

We are in an age where social media is the norm. We often can't even make it throughout our days without at least checking it a couple times. Some of us have more restraint than others however, it's safe to say that social media is a staple in our everyday lives.

I have found that since social media is such a staple in my life, that it also tends to weigh in on my mood. I think social media is a great tool, but it definitely has to be used in the right way. Yes you read that correctly, I said the right way. By this I mean that there are good and bad aspects to social media, and to ensure that I'm reaping the good benefits I have to constantly remember to use my social media in the best way for me.

If you too have experienced the downsides of social media, and are interested in some ways to improve your overall experience keep on reading.

Follow Positivity

Something important to pay attention to is what type of people or pages you might be following. Most of us from first glance just follow back whoever chooses to follow or add us, but this isn't always the best idea. Before adding someone ask yourself some questions.

  1. Do you know them?

  2. Do you like their content? (If their page isn't private)

  3. Is their content positive or negative for you? Will it effect your day in a good or bad way?

  4. If they're private, does their header have any red flags for you?

If their pages cause any concern to you regarding any of these questions then it's best to probably not add or follow them.

Remove Negativity

Now that you've only decided to follow positive pages, it's now time to unfollow the negative ones. This process obviously won't happen over night, but it can definitely be done gradually. I'm even still trying to work my way through this step. A good way to do this is as you're scrolling through your feed, if you see any alarming posts just go in an unfollow those pages. A more tasking way to do this is little by little going through your friends or following list and removing pages that way. This way will take a bit more time and effort, but if you're ever bored, now you have something to do.

Inspirational Pages

A really good way that social media can lift my spirits is by finding inspirational pages. This is always great for those days that just aren't going how you want them to. If you can open your feed and see inspirational posts or quotes of affirmation then this might just have a way of turning your day around.

Monitor your Own Posts

An important part of your social media experience starts with what you post yourself. If you find that you're posting things that don't speak truly to your character then stop. We are all changing and growing and with that our views change as well. Make sure what you're posting reflects that. For me, my most important social media platform is my Instagram page because I love the picture aspect. Something I find myself doing often is cleaning out my page and deleting old pictures that I'm either not fond of, or that might just not fit my page anymore. Aesthetics are very important to me and my social media experience. If my page is looking out of whack, I fix it. It always leaves me with a refreshing feeling afterwards.

Manage Time

One of the biggest things I can leave you with is to manage your time spent on social media. I know this can be a tough one for all of us, including myself. And I know you're thinking "I thought this post was about how to make your time spent on social media better". That is exactly what this post is for, but a key component to having a positive experience is to not let it consume your life. Give yourself some hours away from it. Unstaple yourself from the screen. Go fill your time with something else. I promise it will be waiting for you when you log back on. No matter how many changes you make to your pages, too much social media is not good. Trust me, getting time away from social media will only make logging back into it more interesting. After all, you can't expect to keep seeing loads of new stuff if you're stuck to it every hour of the day. Give it some time to refresh, and more importantly give yourself some time to refresh.

I hope you can take away a couple things from this on how to make the most of your social media experiences. What things help you to enjoy your experience?

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