Top 4 Reasons Your Hair Isn't Retaining Length!

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Although I’m a huge advocate for health over length, I’d be lying if I said I never sought after length from time to time during my own natural hair journey. Long, luscious curls and coils are always a goal for any natural hair girl. However, it’s easy to become discouraged when it seems you’re doing everything right but receiving zero results. Now, I’m no expert but I’ve managed to sit down and come up with a list of a few causes that can contribute to a stunt in your natural hair growth.

1. You’re either not incorporating enough protein, or too much. Protein is a huge factor in providing strength for your hair strands. By neglecting to use a protein, over time your hair will either become too weak and fragile, or you could fall victim to over-moisturizing your hair which will ultimately turn your curls into mush. However, too much of something is also never good at all. Too much protein can cause your hair to become too stiff, or straw-like. When this happens, it is very important to incorporate more moisture into your hair to avoid your hair from breaking off due to the harshness of the protein. I find it more often than not I struggle from not incorporating enough protein due to the fact of me having low porosity hair. Too much protein for my hair will definitely cause my hair to become brittle and dry so I tried to stay away from potent as much as possible. However, you cannot stay away from protein completely. It’s very important to add protein in from time to time even for low porosity girls. The rule I go by is if my wash and goes seem to be frizzier than usual, curls not popping, and they’re not last as long, I know that means it’s time to add in some protein. My favorite protein treatment is the Aphogee two step protein treatment — Works wonders!

2. You aren’t trimming your hair enough. I know this is Supposed to be about growing your hair and trimming seems as if it’s having the reverse effect that you would like to see but trimming your hair strongly correlates to healthy hair growth. By collecting to trim your hair you’re putting your hair at risk of having more damage occur over time. This means yes although your hair may have grown immensely in the course of the past year, once you finally go in to trim your hair you will notice that you may end up at the same length you were a year ago. This is due to the fact that over time it is only natural to gain split ends and single strand knots. Find electing to cut these off as soon as you notice them, You’re allowing the damage to travel further up your hair shaft as it grows. In this sense, although you think you’ve gained crazy growth, you’ll be disappointed to find that most of that growth is actually damaged hair. You don’t have to trim your hair on a regular schedule, in fact, I suggest you don’t do this. Back in the day, I remember being told to trim my ends every 3 months and then I would hear every six months which was so confusing. Honestly, the best person to tell you when your hair should be trimmed is you. You’ll notice that you need your hair to be trimmed once detangling your ends doesn’t go as smoothly as usual, you notice split ends, or are having a lot of single strand knots. There is no strict schedule for it, it just depends on when you feel your hair needs it. I’d suggest going to a trusted professional (that isn’t too scissor happy) if you don’t feel confident in doing it yourself, but there are tons of YouTube videos to teach you how to do so on your own.

3. Your hair does is it as moisturized as you think it is. I will probably stress hair porosity until my dying days and I do not regret a word of it. Knowing your hair prosody is so important for knowing how your hair reacts to certain products and what will give it enough moisture. There are three types of hair porosity: low medium and high. I personally have low porosity hair which means that my hair doesn’t retain moisture as easy compared to high or medium porosity. Also, my hair usually doesn’t retain moisture from very heavy products. I’m the type that benefits more from hair milk as opposed to a heavy smoothie (I still use them though depending on the product). However, I won’t bore you with all the details considering I already have a post up on my blog giving you all the nitty-gritty about learning your own hair porosity and what will work for you best. Either way, learning your hair porosity so that you know how your hair likes and needs to be moisturizer is extremely important for hair growth. When your hair is moisturized, the healthier it will be and the better your hair will retain length instead of breaking off.

4. You’re manipulating your hair way too much. Now by no means am I saying to let your hair be free and wild like a madwoman, but I will say leaving your hair alone for a while will never hurt. I understand, trying out all these styles can be super fun to do, but it can come at a risk. The more you manipulate your hair, the more you’ll begin to see breakage and split ends come to the party. I have always been and will always be an advocate for protective styles such as braids and twists. It’s great for keeping your hands out of your head for a few days or weeks, plus your ends will be protected which are the most vulnerable part of your hair and stops us from retaining our length when neglected.

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