Wine Delivered To Your Door Step?

Looking back on my 21st birthday, unlike a majority of newly legal drinkers, I took a different route. Instead of diving into a bottle of cognac, vodka, or perhaps even tequila, I decided to spend the weekend immersing myself in all things wine. I bought bottles and bottles of new wines to taste and try out. I spent hours perusing the aisles of Total Wine in search of the perfect additions to my wine escapade.

With quarantines being enacted nationwide, a nice glass of wine may be exactly what you need to put your mind at ease. Although, also due to the quarantine restrictions, it may not be as safe, or easy to get out and grab it yourself. Luckily, there's Winc! Winc is an online wine subscription service that will send you out a box of high-quality wines, all tailored to your liking. As soon as you hop on the website you can take a quiz which will tell Winc which wines would best suit you. If you don't like the wines selected for you that's a quick fix, you can easily go in and swap out any or all of them to make your own personalized box. By choosing to sign up for a membership, you will even receive a special membership discount each time on the website, and each month Winc will generate a box of four wines they think you'll love and send them out without you having to lift a finger!

Now, you can use my link to get $22 off your first order, plus you'll pay nothing extra for shipping!

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